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Given all the competition in the E-commerce market, it is not easy to set up an online store and make a reasonable profit. You must know all the techniques and tips in order to boost your sales online. Most retailers and sellers assume that engaging with customers is enough to optimize E-commerce performance. However, this will not be sufficient if you wish to become the top seller on Daraz. Since Daraz hosts an extensive collection of more than 200 million products and it currently has 100+ active categories, you must become an outstanding seller in order to win over the customers. 

Offer Related Accessories Along With The Product 

This technique is known as cross-selling. It refers to a promotional activity in which you offer to sell the accessories with the main product as part of the discounted deal. For example, if a customer is interested in purchasing a shirt, then they must be looking for a complete style and you can also suggest the right shoes that go with the outfit. Similar to cross-selling is the action of up-selling which means, along with the product that the customer is viewing, you can show the latest model or upgrade that you provide as well. This would show that you are a proactive seller who is staying at the top of his game when offering deals and promotions to your customers. 

Show Off The Benefits 

Although it is part of product marketing to highlight its features and details, that alone is not sufficient to grab buyer’s attention and make them interested in the purchase. Therefore, you should focus on putting on some limelight on their benefits instead. This is also true because many customers are not aware of technical specifications but if you present the same detail in form of a catchy advantage, they will consider the product to be more useful. 

Utilize Social Media Marketing 

There is no arguing over the fact that social media sites are the only platforms that everybody uses in one way or another. So if you succeed in running a good campaign there, your product will definitely reach out to the maximum number of potential buyers. 

Currently, popular social media sites include YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. All of them are hot spots for spreading awareness about a product or a service. You can also use social media to identify and get in contact with your target audience. Social campaigns paired with paid advertisements is the most reliable strategy for those who are looking for a quick increase in their sales. However, paid campaigns can cost you a lot so if you can get the same job done by designing an effective marketing campaign via social media as well then that would save you some extra bucks! 

Make Use of Affiliate Marketing 

There was a time when sellers were under the impression that email marketing is a thing from the stone age and that they won’t gather much response when using this strategy to promote their Ecommerce setup. However, now studies reveal that 57% of online marketers have successfully used email marketing to spreading awareness about their campaigns, promotional plans, and subsequently increased return on their investment. 

This proves that email culture is still pretty much alive and it is flourishing as a mode of marketing. Therefore you should think about creating a professional email account and sending out promotional offers whenever it is convenient. Similarly, you can look into the right kind of affiliate partners and use them as a source of incentive to attract customers to your product. However, you will need to offer something in return to your affiliate partners as well. 

Keep The CheckOut Process Safe and Easy 

One sure way of becoming a top seller is to simplify the checkout process. Customers love shopping and even more, easy shopping! One problem with an online E-commerce business is that it becomes a bit too tricky for newcomers to understand. This can be resolved, to some degree, by making the payment process easy and short. 

The simplest checkout process will encourage customers to come back for more. Furthermore, you should also aim to free them from the worry of creating an account before completing the purchase. Many relevant studies show that 70% of the customers lose interest in buying a product when they are redirected to a third-party page and requested to sign-up prior to payment. A combination of handy features like these will surely help you improve your customer base. 

Regardless of the size of the business that you run on Daraz, you can boost your sales by following this simple course description. The aim of this course description is to help you best understand how to promote and sell your product with ease when working on the Daraz store.