What is a video editor?

A person who is involved in the post-production of videos is called a video editor, once a video has been recorded by a video-making person before the video can be used you need all the raw footage to be edited as the raw footage is never suitable to be used in any way. The raw footage usually involves a lot of extra footage which is not required, it can be not framed properly and lacks the necessary transitions between scenes. A video editor cuts out all the useless footage, adds in seamless transitions between different scenes, cleans up the footage so it looks nice and adds in required color palette changes or different VFX effects to make the video look much more aesthetic, and add in different sound effects, music or any other required audio from a different source. A highly skilled video editor can make any footage look much better than it originally did and it is almost a requirement to hire a good video editor whenever you need any sort of video whether it is for advertising a product, a vlog, or just a simple introduction video for any business.

What to look for when hiring a video editor.

When hiring a video editor the first and foremost thing you should look for is whether or not the individual is creative or not, video editing is a profession driven by creativity and any competent video editor has to have a creative mind as it is their responsibility to come up with different and unique ideas to make your video stand out the most.

Ideally, the person who edits your video should also be the one who records the footage as it gives them much more freedom to get exactly the kind of footage they need to make a great video but even if that is not the case, a good highly skilled video editor should be able to take any footage shot by anyone and make it much better as required.

When hiring a video editor you should keep in mind exactly what you want from them, whether it’s a long-term contract for multiple projects or just a one-and-done deal. Different video editors specialize in different things such as vlog editing, video advertisements, introduction videos, or even filmmaking. If you want videos edited for your youtube channel or any other such purposes where you will a lot of projects to be done it is best to hire a single video editor on a long term basis just to keep the aesthetics of your videos consistent as every different video editor has their own creative style and the difference in the styles of different video editors can be very noticeable so it is better to keep the style same for all your different videos for the sake of consistency. 

Hiring from us

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