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Latest Tips to Improve your Website Navigation

Websites or web development now play an important role in every business and field. It is the need for the small and as well as for big businesses  if they want to survive in the industry. It is the myth that small businesses don’t need any web development and web designing for their business.

Website is more important for small business rather than big ones following are the reasons:

  • Through website they grab new opportunities
  • Attract larger market audience
  • Increase sales
  • Compete with bigger brands
  •  Directly interact with their potential consumers and customers.

To get the advantage, you need the best website navigation. For the best web development you need clear, easy and understandable website navigation. Through the right navigation help the visitor or potential customer to find what they want. But if your website doesn’t have the right navigation following things happens like:

  • Decrease the conversion rate. 
  • Low traffic on the website.
  • Higher bounce rate. 
  • It badly affects the user experience.
  • People switch from your website to the competitor website. 

That is why you need the best website navigation through this feature of the website potential customer and visit finds things easily and fastly. 

What is the website navigation:

Web navigation is also called the internal links of architecture. It is the links within your business web development/ website that connect web pages.

In other words. It is the process in which you navigate the pages, apps as well as websites on the internet. The technology behind all this navigation is called the hypertext and hypermedia.  

Main purpose of website navigation:

According to the web development companies in Lahore, The primary purpose of the website navigation is for the visitor and customers to find their stuff and things easily and quickly. Because as we know, people only do online shopping because they want to save their time and energy. 

But if they visit your website and want to find things but they are unable. They cannot stay on your website anymore. They switch from your website to your competitor website in less than 2mintues. As we all know, online shopping trends are common in youngsters as compared to the older ones. 

Today youngsters are more energetic, passionate and quickly adapt to new technology. They like to do things faster, do not like to and find stuff according to their will. They don’t like to wait or find things and leave the website in the first few seconds.

What makes good navigation on the website?

Following are the things that make the good navigation of the website:

  1. Always but the navigation on the standard place
  2. Put the side bars separately
  3. Don’t forget to add footer 
  4. Make the navigation of the website clear and simple. 
  5. Make the navigation into easy to understand language

Tips to improve the website navigation:

Following are the tips to improve the navigation of the website:

  1. Make to clear and short labels:

Most of the web development companies suggest sensible and meaningful names of navigation items. But some of them select the names very carefully and cleverly. But still it is very difficult for a common person to understand. 

The best web development company like planx knows that if you want to attract your customer and grab their attention. Use the most common, simple and yet unique name that has some meaning. But use the target audience language through that they will connect with it. 

Use short keywords that you target market, remember and reach frequently.  And remember one thing as well: don’t try to use the jargon as well as acronyms just to make the link a little longer.

  1. Limited the number of menu items:

Basically, The website navigation menu is the set of the links (typically internal pages) . as you see there are many websites in which the menu is placed at the top (on the header). 

In the menu the most common as well as the essential pages are linked in it like:

  • Contact us
  • About us
  • Blog
  • Plan / Pricing
  • Features 

As we know, the visitors and also you potential customer don’t have the time to digest and understand all the functions and structure of your website. So that the web development companies like planx choose the important pages and link it to the menu. They preferred to choose maximum 8 and minimum 7 pages to link to the menu. The more you add on the website, they will be confused more and want to leave the website on the spot. 

  1. Show them where they are:

It is important to show your potential and loyal customers where they left last time as well as where they are now, if you want to increase the conversion rate. Because mostly people and visit fell irritating/ annoying , when they browsing a website is getting lost. 

Especially those websites that have many different pages that they need  through and through navigation:

  • You can make sure that you visit where they left last time. 
  • to deliver the best user experience to your clients and potential customers. 
  1. Responsive design 

 Nowadays web development companies like planx  make sure that the web design of any website must be responsive and mobile friendly. The main reason behind this is to target the larger market audience. As we know, more than 90% of people have their own smartphone. And they preferred to open your website through mobile as compared to opening a laptop or PC just to visit your website and then make the purchase. 

Through the responsive web design, visitors can get the best user experience on PCs, laptops as well as in smartphones. It’s common to minimize the navigation menu on smartphones along with hamburger icons.  the web development companies like planx  also add the hamburger icons on the web design that expand just in a click

  1. Call of action button:

Call to action button is an important feature that improves website navigation as well.  Through the CTA you decide where the visit and the active users end up. Most of the web development company in lahore like planx considered that the CTA is very necessary in the business website. 

Because they know that the right CTA will improve your click through rate as well as help you to generate more leads. These kinds of buttons are very useful especially when you want your potential customers:

  • Fill Out the online forms. 
  • Share your content online through social media. 
  • Sign up for the event that you are going to promote.
  • Simple as well as the catchy sentences and phrases grab more attention as compared to the boring and unnecessary ones. 
  1. Be consistent throughout your website

The web development companies in lahore like planx knows that if the content doesn’t have the consistency it negatively affects the website navigation. Navigation also changes from page to page difficulty to the normal language. So that the web designing companies in lahore like planx always insisted on having consistency in the web content. 

  1. how to optimize the website navigation:

Navigation is designed in the beginning of the web development and designing project, but not in the end. As we know, digital data cannot be removed or deleted. You can evaluate and see the analytics after creating the navigation. 

Through the analytics you will get two different reports that will tell you about which navigation item visitors mostly used.  

  1. The first one is the  navigation summary and in page view in the behavior report
  2. The second about the user flow / behavior flow report. 

Most of the web development companies in lahore analyze that these reports sometimes show the wrong results / inaccurate that will mislead you. If you are not satisfied with the report, then you review the navigation summary on the homepage where you get the list of pages along with the percentage of each page view.  It gives you the proper details that make sense about what is working about in the menu.

Most of the people enter the website through the homepage. But still there are many visitors who don’t like to open the website through the home page. The optimize website 

Have many entry points.