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Sell Your Business Services Online with WordPress Website

If you want to sell/promote your products and services of your business. Then you need a professional, fully functional and latest website. For that you need a well expert team of web designers and web developers. In-house development is expensive so that most of the businessmen and companies hire the web development companies in lahore like planx. And many businesses think that they do not need a website to sell their product. There are two myths that are very common in the business world:

  1. There is a myth that the website is a luxury item.
  2. The small business doesn’t need a website.

yes! If you want to  develop a fully functional and advanced featured website then it will be expensive. But there are many web development companies that offer services with affordable prices. They also offer additional services if you like to add on then the price will also go up.

And the second thing is that if the businessmen run a small business and want to expand their business on a larger scale then it is an opportunity for them. 

With the professional website the web development companies in lahore like planx also insist and suggest to get the:

  • Simple domain name
  • best web hosting 
  • Branding 

To sell their services and products online you need a well designed E-commerce web design. That helps you to increase your sales, improve user experience with the best payment gateway and 24/7 make purchases with clear and understanding navigation. 

The web development companies in Lahore also used wordpress to develop the website. And for the sell the products and services web development companies developed the full featured website with all the elements that help to sell the product and services online. The websites that are used to sell their product and services online without any geographical boundaries and time issues. This kind of website is also called E-commerce websites.  

With the advancement of technology, people preferred doing online research for new products and services rather than going to physical stores. For the businessmen, if they don’t have an online appearance/ online store that means they lose their money as well as their potential customers. 

It doesn’t matter that you should have any experience in online development and platforms like wordpress that allow you to make the visually appealing websites. Through the wordpress-like plugins it is very simple to develop the website and sell your products and services. WordPress is the first choice of the web development companies in Pakistan for building the website. More than 90% of web developers used/ preferred wordpress plugins rather than others.


But here is the question, why is wordpress the most reliable and preferable plugin for making an E-commerce website? 

WordPress is a multitasking and versalite platform that can help you to develop the website.  As well as the advanced features and elements in it. With the help of the you can design and setup the online store which provides the best online services. 


The web development companies in lahore like planx and others considered that wordpress is the most perfect. if you want to sell the product online or do online service marketing. Following are the reasons:

  1. The wordpress website is relatively cheap then other ones. Its setting up, maintenance and support of the wordpress websites are inexpensive. 
  2. You can improve the functionality of the website because wordpress is practically infinitely configured. It is because of wordpress plugins and themes. There are many themes available along with plugins you can choose the right one which suit your business. 
  3. WordPress has a variety of payments gateways. So you can connect WordPress with the most famous/popular payment system by using plugins. In that way, you accept virtually   the payment system that you want. 

Steps that help you to market your business online by using wordpress:

Following are the three steps through which you market your business online by using wordpress. It is important to complete all these steps.

  1. Using pricing tables:

One of the big reasons that web development companies in lahore used wordpress is because it is easy and simple. But the wordpress pricing table can be used in any services website. Because of this, side by side you can easily promote and sell your products and services. It also allows potential consumers to compare the plan quickly. They don’t need to go and search anywhere else. Now all things are available in one place.

Easy pricing tables  also include excessive documentation that will be helpful in the start. 

  1. Establishing services scheduling appointment:

It is not always the same that bookings are commonly associated with  offline services. When any client wants to work with web development companies in lahore then they schedule a consultation meeting with the client to understand their need and demand about the web development projects and about their business. They mostly do online reservations. 

Booking helps you to track your schedule. It makes you more appealing in front of clients. Especially in front of those who want a face to face meeting. Web development companies in pakistan prefer wordpress here. Through wordpress, the pricing table allows you to add this element through plugins. 

  1. Create mailing lists:

The third step is using a mailing list. In the mailing list you create a database on those who are interested in your services and products. The more people in your list it means the more chance to convert them into loyal customers when you contact them. There are many people who directly sign up on your website which shows that they are already interested in what you offer and sell.  

The web development companies in lahore like planx suggest this step specially for those clients/ businessmen whose business and companies lie on repeat customers/consumers. Because through mail lists they offer subscriptions, discounts and many more to them. But the businessmen need a platform that handles sign up and email for this. 

Most of the web development companies in Lahore recommend the mailpoet and sens-in-blue that handle both processes automatically. 


Most of the companies and businesses from around the world want to work with the web development companies in Pakistan. Because the first reason is they have the latest, responsive and trendy web design. Web development companies in Pakistan have more experts and young IT specialists. They offer the same services in affordable charges that are actually expensive packages of web development projects in the US.