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Domain Name Registration – Book Unique Online Identity:

Domain name registration is necessary for establishing a unique, distinguishable, and findable identity of your business in the Internet world. Since identity matters a lot – therefore, PLANX cares for the establishment of the right identity for your business website, and for this, we provide trustable whilst cheap domain hosting services in Lahore – so that your website gets feasible and budget-friendly domain name registration services in Lahore.

In the world of the Internet, the identity of your website is an ultimately serious concern. It must be selected with care for ensuring friendliness with the SEO aspects (such as customer segmentation, market segmentation), establishing a memorable brand identity (right name that depicts your business vision and mission), confirming the belonging from a right business type (such as educational, commercial, non-profit, networking, etc). But how can you select the right domain for your business website? How domain name registration provides your website with its rightly unique identity? What are the different domain names? How to know what domain fits well for your business? These are some necessary questions to help you select the right and accordant domain name registration for your website. So let us explore it all…

What is Domain Name Registration?

Making it simple – think about setting up one’s business in the real world, what is needed to let the potential customers recognize and find it? The answer is its name and its type where the name provides the identity to the business and the type specifies the services criteria of the business. Such as, the Higher Education Commission, representing the name of an institution belonging to provide educational services, similarly Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIA) representing an official company of Pakistan providing Airline services at the corporate level.

Similarly, in the virtual world, the domain name serves for providing the identity of a business by representing its name and its type in the Internet world – so that the potential customers can find and recognize your business website with ease. But how you get the recognizable and searchable identity to your business website? This is by the domain name registration services, that allow you to select the name of your business along with its entity type as “.com, .org, .edu, .co, etc” so that your business owns its identifiable, searchable, recognizable, and unique identity in the Internet World.

For this, PLANX with an extended range of domains including “.com, .org, .edu, .co, .uk,,,, .net, .org,” provide trustworthy whilst cheap domain and hosting services in Lahore, helping you to get the right business identity within amazing price deals.

How Domain Name Built Website Identity?

Since, we have understood that domain name forms the business identity in the Internet world – but what are the technical grounds behind it? Technically, a URL (uniform resource locator) forms the address of a website, where the domain name, is the basic part of a URL. For example – The URL above identifies that this is a website of a particular possession, such as, and this is the domain name of this website. Therefore, a domain name is a critical part of the URL for establishing its identity along with declaring its type. For the above example, identifies a commercial business (.com) presenting a brand named my website.

Similarly, for a website presents an educational website with the word .edu – similarly .org represents a particular organization. PLANX with the promising and cheap domain hosting services provides the most convenient prices of domain registration and hosting services so that your website is named with its deserving identity and hosted by the vigilant web hosting providers in Lahore.

Types of Domain

Types of domain (the top-level domains; TLD) entail two categories – where the first category includes business type domains and the second category includes the country-specific domains.

Business Type Domains / Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD)

Domains such as “.com, .org, .edu, .co, .net, .mil, .gov, etc” are gTLDs that specify a certain business type for your website. For example,

    • .edu is used for an educational website,
    • .com is the most commonly used domain for the website intended to provide commercial services or products for the profit-making purpose at an International scale
    • .net for a website providing networking services,
    • .org for a non-profit organization, .co for corporate business,
    • .mil for a website from the military sector
    • .gov for a website specific to public sector organizations or owned by government official bodies
    • The ccTLDs are used to identify your business belonging to a specific country, it narrow-down the approach of the business services in a particular country, such as:

.au – for Australia, .uk for the United Kingdom, .pk for Pakistan, .eu for European Zone, .us for the United States of America, etc. Since selecting the right domain ensures your website preferences against SEO performance – therefore, PLANX provides an extended range of options for optimal whilst cheap domain and hosting services in Lahore, so that you get quality domain name registration with minimal price options. 

How to Select the Right Domain?

Selecting the right domain must be a thoughtful and considerate process for ensuring you present your business in the virtual world with its perfect right representation. PLANX understands your business website matters a lot to you – therefore we have listed a few very important points to remember while selecting the right domain for your business:

– Brand Identity

While selecting the domain such as .com, .edu, .eu, .uk, .co, .pk, etc – an important aspect is to select the name of your business website. This is termed a second-level domain (SLD). It is necessary to select a name of the website that rightly reflects the mission, vision, and purpose of the business. It helps to build a unique and memorable brand identity so that people can find your business website with a distinguishable website identity.

– SEO Preferences

The selection of TLDs including the generic TLDs and the country code TLDs helps in ensuring your website appears in the search engine results to the targeted visitors. Selection can also include ccTLDs with gTLDs such as,,, etc provides intelligent customer and market segmentation for your website. Such as a website with domain, identifies it targeting the customers from Pakistan, searching for the educational institutes. Particularly the most prevalent use of a domain is, .com which identifies a website as a profit-oriented commercial business and targets International customers. Whereas, .gov, are for the government official websites and .mil, are for the military sector. Therefore, a particular domain targets the relevant audience for your website, so that it appears in the relevant search engine listing.

– Right Business Type

The selection of gTLDs determines the type of your business – as the above section of gTLDs present. Since there is no legal restriction to select the right domain for your business website. However, selecting .edu for a commercial and profit-building website selling products and services doesn’t make sense at all. Therefore, you must make sure; the alignment of your business purpose is rightly harmonious with the type of domain.

PLANX values your business identity with soulful dedication – therefore we provide a wide range of domain names, with nominal pricing so that your business website appears with a perfect and unique identity in the Internet world.

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