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Search Engine Optimisation – Topmost Search Engine Ranking:

Have you seen how road lanes help in organizing traffic? And how destinations are found and reached via road routes?
Search engine optimization is the same as building road lanes and routes for helping your business become smoothly findable and reachable in the Internet world.

However, the way building the right road for the findability and accessibility of a destination is not easy – SEO is not an easy Job! – it needs highly professional, knowledgeable, technical, and astute assistance. Such as at PLANX the expert SEO professionals provide promising SEO services in Lahore, for building the right road routes and lanes for increased website findability and accessibility. 

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

So, what is SEO – let us understand it in an easy way. 
Think about road traffic as that of website traffic and your business website as that of a destination to numerous people in the Internet world. So what you need to ensure a maximal number of people can find and reach your website without any conflict?
The answer is, the organization of roads, such as building routes for making the destination finable and building lanes for organizing traffic on the way – but how is that done?

In the world of the Internet, a search engine similar to a road is the source for driving traffic to your business website – and search engine optimization is similar to the organization of road, allowing people to find and reach your business without any hassle! Remember…the road to a destination matters – therefore, SEO is a matter of extreme importance to your business success. PLANX understands the importance of the road, setting the right way for the destination to become findable and reachable – therefore with the optimal services of SEO in Lahore we prepare your website with all the necessary things – that build the right road – for letting the potential customers of your business find and reach it without any hassle.

We are Stick with the White Hat!

PLANX strongly believes in haste makes waste, thereby; we are aware of a rushing, impatient, and greedy approach to SEO is waste! This is black hat SEO, you may get an immediate search engine results page (SEPR) ranking – but believe it, in the end, you get a big loss of a completely banned and destructed online presence. Seems horrible – a waste of money and efforts, that’s why PLANX is stick with White hat – yes, we are strictly resistant to black hat SEO tactics. We follow the lawful and legal approach of SEO (white hat SEO) followed by best SEO practices – that is a time taking process – but believe, it is promising for increased online presence and strong online reach. PLANX with the professional and resilient SEO services in Lahore commits with white hat SEO tactics so that your website shines with respect. 

Why SEO for My Website?

Do you know that a large number of websites are increasing day by day – and with a massive rush the chances are higher for being lost! Think about a perfectly functional and appealing website of your business – but what if it doesn’t drive traffic? What if people with relevant interests cannot find your services? – no sales generation, no profit accumulation – a tough time for business growth! Here comes SEO for helping your business website is not lost in the rush of the Internet – it paves a strategic way including the design and embedding of signals, directions, and advertisements so that a larger number of audience on the web can find, understand, and reach your business easily. PLANX with the professional services of SEO in Lahore provides experienced experts, who take a deep analysis of your website, for finding where the problem locates, and then applying strategic techniques of SEO to overcome its weakness and let it be at the first place in search engine suggestions. 

How does it Work?
The technical process of SEO carries a series of diligent steps for assuring your website attains a higher ranking. Such as:

SEO Audit and Analysis

SEO audit and analysis of your website includes a thorough analysis of your website for finding the weakness and requirement of SEO for boosting its ranking. It a necessary and the first step of the SEO process – it is carried out in two steps i.e. SEO audit and SEO analysis. With SEO audit and analysis the functional issues of your website are identified so that the organic search performance of your website is increased at maximum. It helps to understand the function of your website against organic search engine performance and improves its ranking with visible success. However, promising and successful SEO audit and analysis is a time taking process – such as depending on the size and complexity of the website it may take around 2-6 weeks for completing the SEO audit and analysis process. PLANX offers a completely comprehensive SEO audit and analysis process, by analyzing the following aspects of your website:

    • Technical Audit
      • Canonical Tags
      • Crawlability
      • Duplication
      • Indexation analysis
      • International SEO analysis
      • Legacy Domain Issues
      • Mobile SEO analysis
      • Off-page Analysis
      • Page Speed
      • Redirects
      • Robots.txt
      • Status Codes
      • URL Structure
      • XML Sitemap
    • On-Page Audit
      • Images & Video
      • Internal Linking & HTML Sitemap
      • Keyword Research
      • Keyword Use
      • Meta Data Analysis (Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Heading Tags)
      • Page Copy Theme Analysis
      • Schema
      • Site Content Structure
      • User Experience
    • Server Log Audit
      • User Agent Analysis
      • Crawl Budget Analysis

SEO Consultancy

Astute and considerate SEO consultancy is required for a planned and well-organized SEO approach – so that your website is ranked with the highest probability of being available in the SERP where it generates maximum conversion rates.
PLANX offers a strategic approach to SEO with robust SEO consultancy, resolving all the issues of SEO ranking, and helping your website stay at the first position by sticking to best SEO practices.

– Link-Building

Link-building is a powerful technique of SEO for attaining a maximum number of visitors and a potential increase in conversion rate. In simple wordings, it is an indirect approach of sharing your website on social media forums, blogs, and deploying other strategies for backlinking and increases the number of visits. Forum posting, blog posting, directory submission, and social bookmarking are the most competent approaches for strong link-building and boosting the SEO performance of your website. With forum posting a reference to your website in reply to new or old discussions on the social forums so that visitors’ interest is grabbed and convinced for the website visit – whereas blog posting includes the generation of SEO friendly blogs, providing an informative whilst convincing approach to visit the website through embedded links directing to the landing page of your website.

Directory submission is a technical way of submitting the website details and its URL in a specific directory on the web for improving link-building. It is an off-page SEO approach, increasing the potency of backlinks generated for your site. On the other hand, social bookmarking works as social signals to the search engine, such as Google allowing it to observe the public recognition of your website. Social bookmarks increase the credibility and authority of your website in the view of search engines and determine the public popularity of your website. PLANX with the trustable SEO services in Lahore offers comprehensive and all-inclusive link-building services with potential SEO techniques so that your website gets organic popularity and attains higher SERP rankings.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most prevalent, resourceful, and highly important strategy for SEO. Either for on-page SEO or off-page SEO, it is a mandatory technique for increasing organic SERP rankings. Keywords searching and embedding them in engaging, interesting, persuasive, and meaningful content, including metadata are some necessary aspects of content marketing.
However, finding the trending keywords that hold a higher probability of number 1 listing, creating SEO-friendly content, embedding metadata followed by white hat SEO tactics is a necessary component of successful content marketing. This requires expert and professional assistance such as PLANX, providing considerate content marketing services for ensuring your website is ranked at the topmost list.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another highly resourceful strategy for the optimal SEO performance of your website. Marketing your website on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, Gmail, etc drives a visible increase in organic website traffic. Facebook marketing, email marketing, Youtube marketing, Instagram marketing, LinkedIn marketing, and sharing your website at other social media forums blogs, etc are the strategic tactics of social media marketing. Using hashtags, engaging captions and taglines, designing appealing graphics, developing captivating video content are the techniques that boost SEO performance via social media marketing.


Pay-per-click ads are a potential driver of generating significant traffic via Google ads, and youtube ads. Google Adwords allows creating catchy and persuasive ads for marketing your website at the topmost priority on Google search engine, whereas Google Adwords for Youtube allow ads appeared on the Youtube recommendations for driving people to click on the ad and increase traffic flow. Market segmentation, customer segmentation, demographic segmentation, and geographic segmentation are the strategic ways that increase the chances of website visits via PPC ads at websites, Google recommendation listing, and Youtube recommendation listing.

PLANX with the expert SEO professionals in Lahore holds excellence in SEO advance and trending tactics so that we take the responsibility of ranking your business at the highest position. Remember the road-building – we take care of the strength and credibility of the road we built for the findability and accessibility of your website, so that trustworthy and blue-true website performance against organic SEO results is obtained.

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