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Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers – Trustworthy and Promising Web Hosting:

Ever got curious about the words such as web hosting, dedicated servers, VPS servers, cPanel and cloud hosting, etc? Let’s see what that means, and why is that necessary for your website. Creating a website in the Internet world is similar to establishing a company in the real world.

There is not doubt that Internet is an intelligent imitation of the real world – therefore, a website is truly an intelligent imitation of your real-world business in the virtual world. But in the real world, you must need capitalization of land after setting up the identity or name of your business for providing space to establish and run the services of your company – so what for your website in the virtual world? How it needs its space in the virtual world?

The answer is web hosting. Yes, web hosting serves for providing space to a website after it has set up its identity as the domain name. Where, a server/webserver does the job of land, allowing the website data, such as web pages, images, and other relevant files to be stored and submitted on the Internet, thereby having allocated its space to run its services. Web hosting is a dedicated responsibility, for ensuring trustworthy web hosting services, diligence, and consistent monitoring is a necessary factor. Such as at PLANX we provide trustworthy whilst cheap web hosting services in Lahore so that your website gets seamless web hosting services without any unexpected server error and intact security. Seems interesting? But how is that done? what is needed for website hosting? And how you get promising whilst cheap web hosting services? Let us explore it in detail…

What is Web Hosting?

As we said, web hosting from the point of view of the user is quite similar to that of land allocation for a business building, such as having its space on a server for storing the website data. However, web hosting is more than the allocation of space for your website in the virtual world. Unlike the land allocation for real-world business, the management, security, and right time availability of the stored web data are also provided by web hosting services. Therefore, web hosting services are responsible for managing the server performance for your websites, such as providing faster server response, without unexpected errors, high-quality data transmission, and intact security for ensuring safety against cyber-attacks, thefts, etc.

At PLANX web hosting is a matter of diligence – we understand the responsibility of web hosting for ensuring timely, fast, secure, and seamless availability of web data on the internet when it is accessed by the relevant source. We provide cheap web hosting services in Lahore, along with the facility of VPS servers, dedicated servers, cPanel, and cloud hosting for a promised web hosting experience.

Types of Web Hosting

Depending on the size and maximum storage requirement of a business, there are different types of web hosting services available. PLANX offers all kinds of web hosting services, with highly budget-friendly packages and trustable services. Here the types of web hosting that are necessary to know for the dedicated requirement of your business:

– Dedicated Servers or Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated server of dedicated hosting is for a business requiring a single server solely responsible for handling and managing the website data of one user.
It is more like that owning a complete building for your business – however it is required when the size of your business includes a mega data storage requirement. This works best for websites including higher and multiple amounts of data transfer such as university official websites for learning management systems, a giant e-commerce website, etc.

PLANX strongly commits to provide extended bandwidth, ultimately powered, and authenticated server with SSD extension for magnificent storage so that your website is managed with a considerately dedicated approach. We provide the promise of security for our dedicated server services with solutions to control DDOS attacks, spamming, or viral intrusions.

– VPS Server or VPS Hosting

Virtual private server or VPS hosting is about having shared hosting, but with limited authority and control on the server storage given by the virtually partitioned server environments. Keeping it simple, VPS hosting is about having dedicated or fully owned server recourses such as CPU and RAM, where multiple divisions of resources are created for each dedicated account.

It is more like living in a condo, where a building is partitioned for different apartments, and an apartment is allowed for your ownership, where, the building is shared by multiple but relatively fewer people. At PLANX we offer robust VPS server hosting, with the assurance of integrated quality and seamless performance with maximum uptime, and advanced security intactness measures. We also offer cloud VPS for higher performance proficiency, including KVM VPS, OpenVZ VPS, with the embedment of latest technology insights.

– Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most commonly and largely used web hosting service. It is sharing of a single server for various websites. It provides completely shared resources on the server. Though shared hosting is the cheapest web hosting service, therefore, these are perfect for the new websites requiring limited use of resources and flexibility to have shared resources on a single server.

In simple wordings, shared hosting is understood as that of apartment renting in a building, or some like that of hostel life, where you get the resources for which you pay. However, you just need to share them with the other residents in the apartment or hostel. PLANX provides flexible and assured shared hosting services for small-sized businesses flexible to go with a large capacity to share its resources.

– Reseller Hosting – cPanel and Cloud Hosting

Reseller hosting opens a great opportunity for creating one’s own hosting services business. This allows you to purchase web hosting services at PLANX, and then resell them for becoming a self-owned web hosting services provider. cPanel allows you to become a manager of your own hosting services, therefore allowing you to share the hosting services for reselling and host other websites. Integrated cloud provides more control of servers and the performance of applications so that perfectly seamless web hosting services are managed. 

We PLANX offer proficient solutions of reseller hosting, including 100% network uptime, absolute integration of SSD storage, intact security confirmation, cPanel framework, and integrated cloud hosting for ensuring seamless web hosting services management.

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