ImranandKaxhif [Website]

Imran and Kaxhif is a design house with a coveted couture, prêt-a-porter and a unstiched or stiched line in addition to its wildly successful unstitched silk collections.

Areesha [Website]

It was the era of a low stoop, less awareness when Areesha gave a setback to the competitors back in 1990, with advanced sewing machinery supplements.

Bedaa General Contracting Company [Website]

BEDAA BUILT TRUST. Our longevity is the evidence of a company team that is motivated to succeed and dedicated to providing the best possible service.

EduPride Consulting [Website]

EduPride Consulting has made the procedure very simpler for the understudies needing to consider abroad and has helped thousands of aspirants to achieve their dreams.

Gas & Air Compressor Company (Pvt) Ltd [Website]

Gas & Air Compression Services Private Limited. We are the group of companies founded by Professional Engineers and the group is present in the Pakistan market since 2003

Haris Naeem Constructions [Website]

HNC is a diversified civil construction, company that is well known for having the highest level of integrity in its business dealings. Our mission is to build on this reputation of integrity.