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The Future Of Web Development

Approximately. 1.9 billion websites that are active today. After every second the number of active websites increases. We also said that web development marketing is also a competitive one. 

What we do on the web changes every day. but we cannot say that the changes are happening on a daily basis. The web development industry also changes constantly. But if we say to look back and then analyze the changes. 

Now businesses are dependent on the fast-moving industry like web development. So it’s important to be well aware of the upcoming and future changes and risks in web development in Pakistan.

 Most of the web designing companies in Lahore will know about the latest trend in web development. They also thought it was difficult to say anything about web development. But they also know the change that will occur in the next few months and years. According to their knowledge and information about upcoming years. They will train and prepare themselves to survive in the web development industry. 

Future predictions:

Following are the prediction that will happen in the future:

  • Web standards will be more appreciated:

A few years back it was one the difficult tasks to sell clients on standard/ valid complaints and semantic codes. But now we see there are many browsers and devices available in the market. Nowadays standards are even more important in terms of product flexibility and interoperability. Because of more web browsers supporting open web standards and web development companies are catching out the support for single and solo software that is in favor of open technologies. 

There is a strong demand not only in the market but also for programmers/ web developers that are able to work with web standards. Website development company in Lahore focuses more on putting out complaints codes. They also get privileges with this trend. 

  • Internet explorer will cooler:

Web developers seem to be excited with the internet explorer 9 version. There are many reasons behind their excitement. The reasons are the following:

  1. The first and best reason is that the Internet browser is now the real modern with standards-compliant and supports CSS and HTML.
  2. The second and biggest benefit is that the new version means Internet Explorer 9. Now more people are stuck using internet explorer because of the old version of Internet Explorer 6 most of the people are used and not ready to tell their clients. Because they think they lose their client base but because of this even big companies that resist upgrading are now forcefully upgrading their system.
  3. Internet Explorer 6 is now a Ten-year-old version. Now people realize that they want to upgrade their browser for safety purposes. Even abroad, also in Pakistan Microsoft offers several new browsers options in front the people. That also reduced the traffic on the internet explorer 6.  
  • More personal projects, fewer clients projects:

Over the last few years, we analyzed the trend of working on an app and project rather than working on a client’s website/project. This trend will be increasing and becoming common in upcoming years. 

Most web developers are more excited to work on their own projects/apps. The benefit of working on your own app is that you learn new technologies, skills, and new things that are also involved in your client’s work as well. 

  • Web developers need to know more languages and technologies:

Web developers work on web pages or a website. They work with different languages at the same time. But a web development company like planx believed that what you do you need broad experience and knowledge about that. At the same time, you must specialize and have a strong command of the specific web development part with each pros and cons. For example, most web developers are experts in CSS and HTML.

As we know, the web development industry is constantly evolving. That is why you need to learn different languages and technologies as a web developer. Most of the things are not provided and available in the university education. Because the unemployment rate is high among educated people because they think that their degree explains and teaches them everything. But still, we see that they are unemployed.

In this industry of web development, web designers, web developers, project managers, and others. All of them who work there need to continuously learn new skills if they want to survive in this industry. 

  • Less demand of PSD to XHTML/CSS conversion services: 

Most web developers who actually experts and specialize in PSD to XHTML/CSS conversion. 

But as we see, the conversion trend is going down. But it doesn’t mean that Most of the developers are losing their jobs. The current trend is working on WordPress development. And many of them start to work with SSS (specialized side scripting) for example PHP.

When web developers started their careers they worked as Open source software customized developers. And they demand high charges on their work.