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9 Tips for Using Images in Website Design

A single image has its own story. A single image explains thousands of words. That is why most people prefer images rather than Text. An image that we add-ons to the web design doesn’t explain anything. The best Web development companies in Lahore like planx choose the images very carefully. 

Most businessmen developed websites through freelancers or designed by themselves. They cannot hire a web development company. Because they think they are more expensive than freelancers and other web developers. But there are reasons behind hiring a web development company in Lahore.

That is why, most of the websites: 

  • Does not generate leads. 
  • Unable to grab the attention of the customers. 
  • Visitors switch to the other site without any desired action.

The website is the first impression of the business in front of the visitor and potential customers. 

  • The visitors and potential customers made their opinion about the company in 0.5 seconds (0.05 milliseconds).  
  • 94% of the internet active users made their opinion on the basis of web design.

It is important that images should be added to the web design. Because it helps to:

  • Engage customers and visitors
  • Lead interest 
  • Increase organic traffic.

But here is the question raised: how to use images/ how to add images that helps to drive better future results. For that, we discussed the 9 main tips that help you to get back your audience. 

Tips for Using Images in Website Design:

Following are the tips for using images in web design:

  1. Make sure your images are relevant:

When you add text along with the image. You should understand the importance of the image. Most people see the picture and get the idea. What the whole post and text are all about. Images attract the person rather than text.  If your image is not related to your content. Readers get confused when they read the text. In a few seconds, he will switch from your website to the other site.

  1. Use images with less text:

Nobody likes to read long and lengthy content. Most of them consider images to explain better than text. No one has the time to read a text and understand things. Most web developers used images that are related and relevant to the topic. Through that, the reader understands things more clearly and it saves the reader time. The images are a way to grab the attention of the visitor. Sometimes if the content is good you cannot use the images, and the reader gets bored after some time. 

If you see the marketing of the BMW. they used minor or literally no text. They used little captions that explain everything. So web developers suggested using less text and content with more images to attract the consumer. 

  1. Use original images:

Most elders in our families always comment

  • It’s fake!
  • High promotion with a defective piece!
  • The quality of the product must be below!!
  • Do Not purchase anything online, they show something else and deliver something else!!!

 You hear these comments very commonly in your daily life. That is why the best web development companies like planx in Lahore always suggest their clients post the real picture of the product. People always preferred and liked originality. People don’t want to compromise on quality and quantity. Most businesses build their reputation and trust. For that, it’s important to use the original pictures. 

  • Customized the image according to the theme of the website. 
  1. Optimized image:

Not one has time to wait. Everyone wants to wrap up their work as soon as possible. So if the loading speed of the website is slow then your visitor and even potential customer do not wait more than 2 seconds to switch from your website. Most web developers used photoshop for the editing of their websites. Because they want a professional clear image for the website. As a result, the image file size is heavy, which is one of the reasons behind the slow speed. To resolve this issue and optimize the image before uploading the image on the website. The solution to this problem is to convert the image into PNG to JPGs. 

  1. Use stock images if applicable:

Everyone knows that the professional images of the products are not an easy task. It is also very expensive nowadays and most businessmen don’t have time for all this. That is why most people used the stock picture as an original image of the product. Most of the web development companies in Lahore like planx use and recommend stock images in the blog section. But they also explain the reason the owner of the website does not overuse the stock images. 

  1. Use images in the background

According to psychology, our mindsets work with items only that seem to appeal to us. The background image is a very crucial feature of the website. Because you have only a few seconds to attract and impress the visitor. 

When a person and especially youngsters purchased a new phone. Except for other things they change the background of the mobile phone on the first attempt. Likewise, if you want to grab the attention of your visitor. For that, you should design the background or wallpaper for the website. 

Always choose that image for the background:

  • That conveys a site message
  • Do not use blur and attractive images.
  • Use eye-catchy image
  • Do Not use dull and low-resolution images as a background. 
  1. Use multiple images for a single product.

If you see the Ecommerce websites, they post all the product images with short descriptions about the product. Most web designing companies like planx post multiple images and pictures of the product. Most of them use 3D images( a single picture with three dimensions). It is because the visitors see the product from all angles. Does Not claim after purchasing the product.

  1. Included images with real people:

The visitor and potential consumers are attracted to the real-life images. It is a way to provoke the emotion of the people. They feel a strong connection and emotion. When you use emotional appeal that helps to engage and build interest in the consumer/visitor’s mind. 

In Pakistan, emotional appeals are more useful than others. Ensure that the images you use should be with real people and related to the content. Let’s take the examples: 

  • the picture/ image of the employee of the company using the company product.  
  • Asked the potential customers to send the picture that used your product.
  • You also share the picture of the company employees, who build work connections or discuss something related to the workplace. 
  • It helps to build the trust and a positive image of the company. 
  1. Scale, resize and crop images:

When we use and add images to the website. It is important to crop and scale the image before uploading the image on the web design.

Web development companies like planx consider this an important factor. Because they know how to look at images on different devices i.e mobile laptop and ipads etc. put the most crucial part at one palace. 

  • Cut and remove the parts that are not needed and essential.

These minor things improve the layout of the web design and also save your time and extra money. The right side of the image will look more balanced on different devices. 

Images actually play an important role to cater the target audience. Businessmen should focus on these points and make their websites more successful.