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10 Signs_ It’s Time for a New Website or Website Redesign

The first impression made by the customer/visitor is through the web design of the company. According to the latest report, around 75% of people made their opinion through web development of the business/company. Most old people say that a “diamond is forever” but we cannot say this about the website.

Benefits of the simple website in 90’s and early 20’s :

Most businessmen struck in the 90’s  and 20’s. They thought that they just needed a website for their business.

Through the simple website:

  • They generate leads.
  • Target the market and audience.
  • Get a competitive edge.

They don’t actually need a website. Nowadays old code is not implemented anymore.

Benefits of the professionals and advanced features website in 2022:

 Now if, you want to drive better results like:

  • You get a competitive edge
  • Generate leads
  • Increase sales 
  • Increase organic traffic 
  • Get direct interaction with the audience 
  • Get global reach
  • Improve the financial side of the business
  • Build trust and consistency
  • Branding of your business

For that you need a professional and well-designed website with:

  • easy navigation
  • call to action button
  • high loading speed
  • smooth landing page to engage the visitors and potential consumers.
  • It helps to convert the visitor into potential customers.
  •  The web design must suit and fit your business identity. 

For a professional and responsive website, you need a web development and designing company in Lahore like planx. That helps to achieve the goals through their website. 

On the other hand, if your website design is poor and unresponsive then you cannot reach or achieve your future goals. In parallel, it affects the reputation of the business on online platforms as well. For that, you need to redesign your website. 

Most web-development companies like planx always suggest their clients redesign their website after 2-3 years. Because they know that new technologies and the latest web design are introduced in a day. So the demand and needs of the customer also change with the passage of time.

But now the question is how do businessmen identify that their website needs to be redesigned?

What are the signs that it’s time to redesign the website?. Here we discussed the signs that help you to see whether your website needs to be redesigned or not. 

Signs and reasons for redesigning the website:

Following are the sign and reasons that your web development needs to be updated and redesigned:

  1. Not responsive website and mobile-friendly:

The unresponsive website does not meet the requirement of the user. Then you need to redesign your web design. Because  We are now entering the era, Where everything is in hand (Means the smartphone and iPad/ tablets). According to the 2021 report, around 60% of the traffic on the website comes from mobiles rather than laptops and other devices. 

If your web design is responsive and mobile-friendly, then the layout of the website automatically changes and fits according to the device. You cannot lose your potential customers and help to increase organic traffic.

  1. Out-dated web design:

Another reason that the website needs changes is the web design. If your web design is outed and not working well. Then you are enabled to get the audience on your website. It means you need to change the web design. 

First impressions are made by web design. Most people only get attracted when the web design is professional and latest with advanced features. It is the way to target the audience and grab their attention. 

  1. User experience is not good

When you realized that the exit level is high on your website. Then you need to find out the reason. One of the reasons is the bad user experience. They cannot get what they want (bad navigation). They get distracted and confused with extra elements. It affects the user’s opinion which matters a lot. 

But if the web design is improved and removes all unimportant elements. And also add-ons the new and advanced feature. It helps to increase the user experience. 

  1. Slow loading speed:

Slow loading speed is also one of the reasons to update the web design. Because if the loading speed is low. The visitor, even the potential customers, does not wait too long. They switch from your website to the other website to get what they want. The traffic is going low on your website. 

The loading speed of the best and most professional websites like the web development company in Lahore planx website opens in 0.01 milli-second and 0.1 seconds. If the website has a fast loading speed then you cannot lose your visitor and potential consumers. 

  1. Low traffic/high bounce rate:

The reason for the high bounce rate and low organic traffic of the website indicates there is something not working well. Users cannot stay on the website and spend some time on the website without any action. Their major reason behind this is: 

  • The content must be not clear and relevant
  • They get a poor user experience. 

So that you need a website that has relevant content that helps to increase the engagement of the potential consumer. The advance and high-tech features give them the best user experience. 

  1. un-optimized SEO

When your website does not rank well on the search engines like google and bing. And if it goes down, it means there is an issue with the website. People find it hard to find your website and content.  SEO is very important for the business website.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process in which you improve your website ranking on search engines. If the SEO is effective it indexes your web pages and the content of your website is also shown on the first pages. It helps to increase your organic traffic. 

  1. Branding does not match anymore:

Every business needs to be changed. If they think that the website leads them in the competitive market in the long term. But unfortunately, it is not true. Everything has a lifespan. A good and professional website does not work for more than 2-3 years. The web design should be redesigned and upgraded. A business also needs some change in its branding to grab the attention of its potential customers. The new and attractive change helps to drive better results for the business. 

You must change the logo, and vision and rebrand your business. Because it reflects your business 

  1. Not engaged customers:

If you analyze that your website does not engage visitors and potential customers. You should take it seriously. Because your website content is not interesting and attractive. Maybe the content is now outdated and the information is helpful.

 That is why the website does not engage visitors and potential customers. They cannot stay on your website and switch to the competitor’s website. Where they get the latest and relevant information. The competitor also gets a competitive edge as well. 

If you want to redesign your website and upgrade your website design. In this case, the top and best web development company help you to redesign your website. And through that, your consumer wants to stay on your website. 

  1. Low conversion rate:

As we discussed, the benefit of a professional website is to increase sales. An increase in sales is possible when the conversion rate is high. When visitors convert into potential customers. But if the traffic on the website is increased but the conversion rate is low. It shows something is wrong and needs to be upgraded or changed on the website. The website is only not represented but it helps to grab the largest target market.

  1. Broker links

Dead links also called broker links are also one of the reasons that your website should be redesigned. Broker links not only cause issues in websites but also users face issues as well. If you noticed Error 404, the error is shown.  when the navigation of the website where you link for more information. There are two main problems caused by broler links:

  1. Higher bounce rate. 
  2. Negative effect on SEO.