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Simple Steps to the E-commerce Website Development Process

The trend of online shopping is increasing day by day now even abroad but also in Pakistan. This is more common in youngsters rather than in older people. Most of the elders always suggest visiting the physical store rather than purchasing online because they thought that the quality and quality are not good in online purchasing products. But most companies now build trust and provide the best quality in online products, which is why the online shopping trend curve is going up day by day. 

  • If you have a physical store and you also want to build an E-commerce store it’s the best way to increase sales and make money. 
  • Another benefit of E-commerce stores is to get away to reach a global audience. 

The development /designing process of the e-commerce website is a little different and tough job rather than building a simple portfolio website and others. You don’t know anything about the skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience, or even don’t know about the latest tools, techniques, and trends used to build the website. A simple solution is now available in a few clicks to save your time, money, and effort, hire the best web designing company in Lahore like planx. They have the experience, teams of experts,  knowledge and are well aware of the latest trends of web development and design. They explore many things in front of you and also ask about your ideas/ suggestions.

Decide what you sell and model of E-commerce Website:

Before starting the web development process you know what you want to sell through your e-commerce website. Either you sell any cosmetics, clothes and other products because each industry has their own way of sell products some companies offers different services just take an example of the web development company in Lahore like planx who don’t have any products to sell, they offer services and their Ecommerce model is B2C but most businesses want to showcase their products. You select the e-commerce model of your website either you choose B2C or B2B and also select the template for your website whether it is smooth navigate or homepage style.

Know your target audience:

It is very important for a business to select and decide who they are going to target. They are targeting the niche market or they want to get global reach. Before they are going to build their business they do some marketing research for their business and find out the needs and demands of the people. Then they choose some parameters. Following are the parameter to select their target audience:

  • Gender: male/female 
  • Age 
  • Education 
  • Monthly income
  • Lifestyle 
  • Area 

All these parameters help them to identify whether their product is for whom. Most brands are targeting youngsters who are around 16-30. Because youngsters are active users of the internet rather than the oldest. 

Select the top web development company in Lahore:

Websites are the need of the business nowadays. Now it is time to understand the importance of web designing for the business. If businessmen even now resist adapting to this change. They probably don’t have a long-term plan to survive in the business ground. They thought they would survive on the basis of their product and its quality. The thing is that the businessman should understand the importance of web development. But many of them think it is a luxury item and yes, it is but there are many benefits and advantages of web development as we discussed above. 

Most businessmen want/prefer to hire freelancers rather than a web designing company in Lahore just to save their money. 

Web development companies in Lahore like planx give you the best services like;

  • Latest, mobile/user-friendly, and responsive web design  
  • Update you with each pro and cons of a professional website.
  • Explain to you with every connected point 
  • Social media and brand marking
  • Increase sales and improve the 
  • Handle SEO
  • Also drives a positive impact on the financial side.

Domain and web hosting of the e-commerce website:

A domain name is the website address through which people open and visits your website. The domain name is one that plays the most important role to build the brand image and brand identity. It is very important that which name you are going to select for your website must be simple, easy to pronounce, easy to remember, and unique. Never choose those words that are difficult, do not even have a proper meaning and the simple meaning of a domain name is the URL of the website like the address of the physical store. 

Web hosting is one of the effective tools and spaces that are used to create, maintain and save all your website files. The domain name and web hosting is the first step of web development. 

Create Contact us and about us page:

  • About us is one of the important sections where you introduce your business in front of your consumer and potential. Why and when do you start your business? What is the mission and vision of the business? What kind of products and services do you offer? What is your current achievement and results?
  • Contact us page is the most crucial  where you provide all information:

Contact number, office location, website URL, link of social media accounts like Facebook Twitter and Instagram that help to increase sales and company also share the up to date information about the companies activities with the audience.  

Also, share the opening hours of the company when services are available.

Customize the template and add on the products:

After choosing the web design template, the next step is to customize the template according to your wills like text color, background color scheme, products image, and position. Then adding on the products is the further step, post each product image, pricing, and details. 

  • Make sure the detail about the product is short and important.
  • Image quality must be good. 
  • Avoid posting stock images. 
  • The zoom option is also available.
  • The pricing of the product must be affordable.

Payment methods and shipping settings:

The online store and eCommerce website are not complete without a payment portal/gateway. This feature makes visitors and potential customers/ consumers into buyers. The e-commerce development tools make an integrating method of all websites easy for all the visitors who want to make purchases. They connect the user directly to PayPal, Apple and Google Pay, Credit/Debit cards, Master or Visa Cards for paying. The option to pay cash on delivery is also available. 

There are many things that must be considered in this section. The first is security, most of the consumers do not make purchases and share their personal account details. So their main concern is that if someone tries to misuse their credentials. The web development companies in Lahore use the website building tool SSL certificates to secure the website. Secure Socket Layer encrypts user data and optimizes user experience while online shopping is secure. SSL is inbuilt in the tool. If not, it will be available as an add-on.

Do Testing and published the website:

Most web developers considered testing as the last step and some developers published the website or do the website live through that everyone can easily open and visit the website. Before publishing you make sure and test each and every section feature and tool is working perfectly or not. Make sure there are any issues in any section that must be resolved before the website goes live. The website loading speed must be fast. The call to action button must be on every page. the website should be user-friendly as well as mobile-friendly because most people don’t use or especially open the laptop to see and visit your website.  If the visitors and potential customers face any issues they don’t make any purchase they even switch from your website to another one.