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BEST Front End Website Development Tools To Consider In 2022

With the passage of time and continuous change, everyone introduced themselves to the digital battleground where all the competitors play against the competitive edge. The great benefit for businesses of digital appearance is to sustain for a longer period of time. Websites are the basic need of businesses due to the increase in active internet users.

 People don’t like to visit physical stores and make purchases. They always preferred the solution and that gave them more comfort. Through the website, they get the idea of the latest trends and information about the related product they want. Just in a few clicks they select and purchase what they want and like. 

In Pakistan,  the online trend has increased in recent years especially due to the covid/ pandemic period. No one was allowed to go out, visit stores and purchase things. Many companies are going to be closed and don’t make any money. 

Only those businesses that survived,  who had the website and also knew the importance of the website/ web development, did not make money at that time, increase in sales, get a competitive edge in the market and make themselves stronger. Even big businesses shut down their shutters and go home. 

According to the latest reports: around 80% of the businesses take this seriously, that website is a necessity for the business. Increased demand for website development also increases the pressure on the website development companies in Lahore to provide the best experience to the users and not compromise on the quality of the website.

What is front-end website development?

The front end website development is the process to design the user interface elements of the website. The main objective of this process is to make sure that the website is simple, understandable, convenient for all the users and they get all the information they want to know.

Elements of front-end development.

Front-end of the website is the major section where  web developers think that how it makes different then another website There are many things/ elements in the front end of the website like: 

  • Must be Responsive web design because most websites have simple, unique but not responsive design. 
  • Should be Seo friendly feature
  • Should have Graphic designing
  • User Interface design for website designing.

Best and top tools for front-end web development.

Following are the tools that are used to design the front end of the website:

  1. Saas:

Saas stands for software as a service, it is also called a CSS preprocessor. One of the best and most competent tools for designing the front end of websites. It also expands the capabilities of standard CSS by introducing effective variants such as variables, nested rules, (not on the money side) inherent, and mixins. 

The benefit of this tool is to increase the speed of your productivity and modularize your code. Make editing more efficient and more accessible. It gives you the same techniques for editing that are available in the standard CSS. 

Let’s take the example that you want to deal with the color theme that is repeatedly used in CSS code. You also used it, again and again, to save your effort and time you just retype it once, store it as a variable. When you want that particular theme color you just click/ refer to that variable rather than follow a proper process.

Feature of  SAAS:

  • It is a straightforward and easy-to-use tool for designing the front end of the website to write code. 
  • Have techniques and methods to reusability of the function and logic statement.
  • Have the in-built functions like parameters list, mathematics, and color manipulation.
  • Have the function to control directories in the library.
  • Through this tool web, developers easily handle the larger stylesheets.
  • This is one of the most popular tools in the world for front-end web developers.
  1. Angular JS: 

Another important front-end web development tool and open source web application framework that is available for web developers is Angular java scripts. It is used and helps to extend the Html syntax for web applications. It also simplifies the front-end development process for web developers. Through this tool, they easily assess, develop and read in an expressive environment.

Feature of  AngularJS:

  • It is fully free and completely open-source. Thousands of web developers in Lahore are using this tool for designing front-end web development.
  • It also offers a rich online environment to create the web applications
  • There are many options available for the web developer to write a client/ customer side application by using Java scripts and through MVC.
  •  The fundamental benefit of this tool is that it handles the java scripts code and uses it accordingly which is suitable to the browsers automatically.  
  1. Chrome Developers tool:

As the web development companies like planx considered the second last step of the web development process is testing and publishing the website. Because they considered that the last step of web development is maintenance and support of the website. But yes it is the last step before the website goes live. 

One of the top needed tools in the front-end web development tool is developers tools.  In most web browsers and search engines, it is available as a built-in feature. by using the browsers and search engines you can see the code beside every website. and it also allows you to learn the code as well. 

According to the latest report,  Google Chrome is the leading internet browser and search engine in the world. According to 60% more usage than other search engines. This tool is available not only in google chrome but also available in safari. 

Following in the features of the chrome Developers tool:

  • Investigate and change CSS elements according to the need. 
  • View, search and edit nodes as they feel comfortable.
  • Find, analyze and then use CSS code and JavaScript.
  • Search, Analyzed, and resolved the issues 
  • Run command and other actions
  • Mobile design optimization
  1. Codepen:

Codepen is a cool tool for web developers. Where they want to seed up the code and want to see the outcome actually. This tool is also considered an essential front-end development tool that is used in online coding environments and also used in to design prototypes. 

Feature of  Codepen:

  • This tool is also known as the preprocessor 
  • It is used to compile the languages and make the code more simple.
  • It is one of the brilliant tools for creating test cases to learn, debug the website
  • It also helps to build the portfolio
  • through this tool, they also show off the codes and features
  • It is best for template creation, presentation mode, professor mode, team collaboration mode, collection of web design patterns, and support for external scripts.
  1. JQuery:

Java query is one of the most popular front-end languages. The top online businesses like amazon, google, and youtube also used this as front-end languages to build their websites. Around 97% of java language is used to design the front end of the website.

The web developers who have the specification in the front end, know each and every basic and crucial element of the programming languages. For the web developers, they know that there are many online java scripts libraries available.  but the most commonly used and popular library is JQuery. Web developers are chosen and prefer JQuery. 

Following in the features of the JQuery:

  • Straightforward, reliable cross platforms and browsers
  • It is flexible, SEO friendly, and scalable 
  • This tool makes your web design attractive without any confusion and you can create it from zero/ scratch.
  • JS libraries are very light weighted and you create web pages with a fast loading speed.