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Why Is My Website Slow? (Causes and fixes)

The slow website speed is the major issue behind the low conversion. And it’s important that the loading speed should be faster. There are many factors behind the slow website speed. Most businessmen should focus on this issue. If the loading speed is low and takes time. Then visitors and even your potential customer, move to the other site. In the results:

  • They cannot get the competitive edge
  • They lost huge organic traffic 
  • Cannot generate leads. 

If the loading speed of your website takes more than 3 seconds, it means you lose your potential consumers. As we know, the active users of the internet are youngsters. The youngster does not wait for your website. They want and do everything at a fast speed. It doesn’t matter the quality of the website and other factors then. 

You should understand the problems and issues faced by the users. The ideal loading speed of the website is around 1-2 seconds. The speed of the website creates a wow factor in the user experience. The best and top website development company like planx loading speed is in milliseconds. And if your website’s loading speed is fast then the conversion rate goes high up to 7%. 

According to the research, 54% of mobile users and visitors leave the website on the spot.  Just because of the slow speed of the website. 

  • It is a way to grab the attention and interest of the visitors 
  • It helps to convert the visitors into potential customers/consumers.

When your website is designed by the best website development company in Lahore like planx. They always focused on that factor that helped to increase conversion and organic traffic. That helps to drive better results in future goals.

Causes and how to fix them:

There are many issues behind the slow speed of the website. It is important to find and fix that issue as soon as possible. Most businessmen cannot consider the low speed of the website as an issue. Following are the causes and the solution to fix it:

  1. High advertisement:

Most businessmen just want to make more money. That is why they allowed third-party to advertise on their website. The advertisement may be through images, videos, and other multimedia. The ads take up too much space on the website and cause the speed of going slow. Too much ad also creates irritation for the visitor. Because of that,  they don’t see and understand the website’s original content. 

The only solution is to limit your ads per page. As a result, the website speed is going high. If you can do this otherwise you lose your valuable customers. 

  1. Web hosting issue 

Every business website needs web hosting to display itself online. The web host gives you a space where you build your website. When anyone wants to visit your website then they serve your website to their servers. The web hosting services are different according to their price ranges. If you purchase the cheaper one. Then you faced this kind of problem. 

You fix this issue to spend some more money and buy the web hosting through a good company.   

  1. High Traffic:

High traffic is also one of the reasons behind the slow website. All the visitors and users of the website are welcome with the bandwidth. It handles the traffic and connects the visitors with websites by using the bandwidth. In short and simple words, bandwidth is a technique that means how much data/ information is handled by the internet in a specific time period. One of the other techniques is called broadband which also does the same but with quick speed.

 The simple solution to handle the high traffic with fast website speed is to increase the limit of the bandwidth. 

  1. Social sharing button:

It is important that your user share your pages on social media. That is why the social sharing buttons are designed on the website. For the ease of the user, they just click and share. But it causes issues like the website speed is slow down. 

For the solution, you should only design those social media platforms that are active and eliminate all their social buttons on the website. It not only increases the speed of the website but also saves your visitor.

  1. More elements on the web pages:

Everyone wants to adds-on more and more elements to the web pages. Following are the elements that are important for the website:

  • Images
  • Stylesheets 
  • HTML 
  • Scripts 
  • Videos etc.

But they forget the average captivity of the web pages. If you add every element to a web page. The speed of the website has slowed down. The latest report says, in 2017 the projected web page size is 3 MB. 

The simple solution to this problem. Not add those elements on the web pages that decrease the speed of the website. 

  1. In-effective images

The in-effective images are also called unoptimized images. Most pictures and images of those who have no alt-tags, undescriptive images, and larger sizes of the files are also considered Unoptimized ones. 

web designers used heavy software like photoshop because the quality of the images is high. And the images are saved with larger files. But on the other side, the website carries a certain amount of data and quality. As a result, the speed of the website is slow.

The main issue starts when the image does not have alt-tags. Alt tags are the short description of the images. Because google along with other search engines does not see the images they just read the alt-Tags. 

The solution to these Un-optimized images is to convert your images into the optimized ones. Used other platforms like canvas. And convert your picture from png to jpg rather than change the ratio and resize your image. Because if you resize the image, it creates a big mess. 

  1. No- content delivery network.

Most the websites load slowly because they don’t have a content delivery network. In short form, it is also called CDN. It is also the reason behind the slow speed of the website. Most businessmen don’t know about this issue and what is the benefit of CDN. When CDN connects with your server. it connects your website to the users on the base of their locations at a quick speed. If the location of the user is nearby, then your website visitors get your website in more quickly. 

Let’s take the example:

  • If you open the web pages in any Search Engine. And your server is connected with CDN. the browsers send the message to the server to open it.
  • But if your server does not have the CDN. It takes longer to send and communicate messages to open the server. 
  • It is also a way to move the slow speed to the high-speed website.
  1. Time of loading website

As already discussed above, the loading speed of the website is a very important and crucial feature of web design in Lahore. The loading speed time of the website should be less. If you want to make your website speed fast. Then you should follow the proper steps to solve this issue as soon as you can. Most businessmen do not have any knowledge and techniques. So they wasted their time and energy finding the solution.

It is the work of the professional who knows each issue and fixes it in a smoother way. For that, it is important to hire a web development agency in Lahore. Who always focus and determine that the time of the loading speed should be less. Because it is a way to drive better results in the future. The best way to cater to the target audience.