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Mobile Apps Design and Development – Your Business is Just a Click Away

Undoubtedly, the mobile phone is the most common and widely used gadget in the current era. With providing almost all the necessary utilities in the hands of people a mobile phone is not less than a Magic Lamp – And the Genie? Not one but a variety is present in the mobile phone.

Guess what…we are talking about the resourceful and competent mobile applications that serve not less than a Genie–tapped and provides the relevant services in the blink of an eye. So yes, when we talk about your business having a mobile application, it means you get the amazing ease of being instantly available and serve to your customers. This attains a visible increase in the sales and number of customers of your business. PLANX knows the competency of a business increases significantly when its services are available through the mobile screen – therefore we provide ingenious mobile app designers in Lahore, to let your business just a click away.

What Makes a Mobile Application Competent? 

Having developed a sound mobile application is not a one-time task – it is a cyclic process that needs technical and professional monitoring for ensuring seamless performance. Such as PLANX provides professional and experienced mobile app designers provides with promising assurance. We know that a competent mobile application requires consistent efforts, therefore our mobile app developers prioritize usability ease and maximum bug fixing for attaining promising outcomes. Have you ever experienced an overly rated application for poor performance?

There are bundles of mobile applications that fail their number of downloading preferences due to bad reviews.
Technically, performance faults may arise due to some unexpected compatibility issues, existing systematic fault in the mobile phone of the user – but providing timely support can help to resolve the issues and increase positive acceptance of the mobile application. Therefore, at PLANX our mobile app developers provide consistent monitoring for ensuring the application sustains its seamless performance.

Why Mobile Application for My Business?

A competent mobile application provides a visible boost in the sales of business, attracts more customers, and sustains a long way relationship of trust and bonding with customers.
So, a mobile application is a helpful tool for attaining maximum success in the sales and customer reach for your business.
PLANX with the adept mobile app developers in Lahore provides you with a resourceful mobile application that provides promising functional and technical efficiency.
Here are potential benefits of a mobile application that makes it a supporting tool for your business success: 

– 24/7 Available Services
The mobile application makes your business handy by providing 24/7 availability of your services to your potential customers.

– Multipurpose Business Support
Starting from the purpose of communication, providing entertainment, infotainment, and becoming a resourceful source of services such as online shopping, easy social reach, ride booking, ordering food, attending a business or educational meeting, etc, a competent mobile application keeps all in the hand of people. Whether your business belongs to any of the relevant sectors, it becomes all simple to be understood and used by people while being available 24/7 in the hands of people.

– Offline Connectivity Support
Facilitating the presence of web applications the use of mobile applications is a sound benefit when providing offline services to users. This includes gaming applications, music applications, and other media applications allowing offline storage mode.

– Better Understanding of Business
Mobile applications help your customers to understand your business in an easy way. It can be the process of services, the details of dos and don’ts, the necessary information or media to be stored with offline availability, etc.

– Increased Customer Support
Mobile applications also provide ease of live chat within ultimate convenience. It helps to resolve the potential concerns of customers in a fairly easy way. This facility provides great support to a healthy and positive relationship of customers with your business.

How to Choose the Right Platform?

Selecting the right platform is an important task for confirming its maximum reach. Since there are different versions of operating systems for mobile devices, therefore mobile application requires particular platform’s compatibility. PLANX with expert and well-trained mobile app designers in Lahore provides competent mobile applications for Android, iOS, and cross-platform compatibility. Here is a brief overview for how to know which platform could be an accordant choice:

Native application development – Android and iOS

Native mobile applications are coded in specific programming languages. These are either compatible with Android or with iOS. Keeping it simple, the operating system of android and iOS are based on different coding languages – therefore the development of iOS and Android applications requires knowledge and expertise of accordant coding languages. This includes Java language for Android applications and Swift/objective-C for iOS applications. Considering the choice of iOS application or Android application – the open system of Android applications increases its flexibility; whereas iOS applications are under the closed system, therefore, iOS apps lack this flexibility.

Also, Android mobile phones cover increased people reach, therefore it is beneficial for attaining a visible number of customers, on the other hand, iOS platforms such as iPads and iPhones might not have the similar reach of customers as that of Android mobiles span. On the other hand, iOS provides a more robust mobile application in terms of long way seamless performance with comparatively fewer technical issues. Despite the differences between Android and iOS mobile applications, the appropriate technical knowledge and ingenious technical expertise is necessary for developing a competent mobile application. PLANX with diligent mobile app developers in Lahore provides trustable services of Android application development as well as iOS application development.

Cross-Platform application development

Relying on either Android or iOS, PLANX suggests preferring cross-platform mobile applications. Choosing a cross-platform is preferred due to the ease of mobile application compatibility for both Android and iOS devices. Cross-platform application development is a facilitation of the mobile application platform compatibility with mobile development frameworks that allow a mobile application compatible for different mobile devices. Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin is mobile development frameworks that allow cross-platform mobile app development ease. The professional and experienced mobile app designers at PLANX are equipped with adept technical knowledge for developing a rightly competent cross-platform mobile application. 

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