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Is WordPress Better Than Custom Web Development?

Well to answer this question we have to first see the difference between WordPress and custom web development.

Custom web development:

Custom-made sites are chiefly assembled when the proprietor of the site needs explicit adjustments that WordPress can’t give. Commonly, custom-made sites are produced for huge complex locales with remarkable functionalities. To build up this kind of site, you need to discover a website specialist that has practical experience in making uniquely assembled sites. The website developing organization will utilize a programming language and structure to make the site, and a portion of the language they may utilize PHP, ASP, Python, Laravel, JavaScript, and Ruby.


WordPress is a free site-building tool that was initially intended to make online blogs. Throughout the long term, the tool has advanced and turned into a more perplexing stage for building sites. One of the fundamental reasons why individuals pick this platform to make their sites is that it needs essential web information. You don’t have to be a master recorded as hard copy codes and programming languages or reaching a website developing organization to make a site. Indeed, about 15% of all sites today have been created by the utilization of WordPress, and the number keeps on rising. 

Coming up next are a few upsides and downsides of this device to help you settle on a choice:


Making a site by the utilization of WordPress takes a more limited time contrasted with building it without any preparation. This is on the grounds that the CMS has just been created thus you will have the opportunity to focus on content and plan. WordPress has a library of instant subjects. Rather than attempting to make your own topic, you can simply pick one from the library and change your site’s look quickly. 

WordPress gives a protected platform to fabricate your site. This is on the grounds that it’s an enormous network of developers that cooperate to identify any security circles or bugs in the framework at that point give a security fix. WordPress continually turns out updates that you can generally download and introduce making your site safer. With WordPress, you can deal with search engine optimization with the numerous SEO modules for WordPress. With these modules, you can make some essential SEO increases to any site, for example, Meta Description, H1 labels, and Meta Titles. Indeed, some WordPress modules can disclose to you how your site is all around enhanced for Search Engine Optimization. 

WordPress has responsive themes that help you make your site compelling on cell phones, tablets, and PCs. These themes permit the client to have a positive encounter while perusing your site on any gadget. As we referenced above, WordPress began as publishing content to a blog stage. This implies that it actually has inherent writing for a blog include that permits you to effortlessly set up and keep a blog.


While it’s incredible to pick any subject of your decision from the library, you may think that it’s hard to modify the theme as indicated by your inclinations. For this situation, you will require the administrations of an accomplished web designer who comprehends the usefulness of WordPress. 

While the platform discharges normal updates and security patches, it is as yet defenseless against programmers. These programmers exploit the hour of incorporating these patches to hack into your webpage and make devastation on your site. WordPress requires customary support. They continue delivering updates and fixes every year to battle programmers and privateers which may require some skill in introducing them. On the off chance that you can’t do it, you should recruit an expert web designer

WordPress is an incredible platform for individuals and organizations. People can utilize the WordPress Themes and don’t need to burn through their experience with programming. With regards to business, you need a Web Development organization that offers a custom WordPress Theme and custom WordPress modules.