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Best Reasons Why WordPress Is Still the Best CMS

WordPress was created  in 2003. And one of the top and most popular CMS all over the world. Web developers’ first choice and has grown to one of the best CMS platforms. Because of the 

  • Flexibility
  • Uniqueness 
  • Versatile 

Due to these features, that made wordpress in the first place as compared to other CMS tools. 

More than 40% of websites are built with the wordpress. It is actually a high percentage. In early years WordPress was also used as a blogging platform but it’s adapts well over the years . It is open source, means free with minimum learning  curve, redistributive and offers unlimited validity. 

Reasons why wordpress is the best CMS:

Following are the reasons why web development companies considered wordpress as the best CMS:

  1. User Friendly and mobile friendly:

It is important nowadays to have a user friendly and mobile friendly website. These are the top main features that make the website not only increase the organic traffic on the website but also improve the sales of the business. But these features are different to manage by the common person who doesn’t have the knowledge. You need to hire the professional and expert web designing team that help to make your website fully functional and responsive. 

That is why web designing companies in Pakistan use this CMS ( wordpress) that is helpful to make the website in straight-forward and simple steps as compared to the other website builders. 

The web designing companies in lahore use wordpress for making websites. Because in this CMS they don’t need to design the web, then do the proper coding and then update the content and layout. With the help of wordpress they change the content and layout easily and it saves the time of both web designers and developers.

WordPress also has a dashboard that is simple to use. Everything on the website is editable easily like their themes, tools and plugins is also enough to attract the customer globally. you can use this site easily to construct both simple and complicated websites as it offers: No hassle in blogging, Easy updates, Convenient content management and Availability of themes

  1. Multi user Capabilities:

There is no need to work as one man army when you develop/ build the website. Through wordpress one website can be accessed by various people. That is why or it is one of the main reasons that web development companies prefer to work with wordpress while developing the website. In simple words it also speeds up the web development project and a team of experts complete their job within less time, more effectively and efficiently.  

In addition wordpress offers six default roles. Following are the roles that this CMS offers:

  • Editor
  • Author 
  • Administrator
  • Site-owner
  • Subscriber
  • Contributor 
  1. Third party integration:

When the website is building or developing then one of the big challenges is to show your product in the online platforms. That is why the search engine optimization experts and specialists are looking for their party and the tools to integrate with the software that will help in the future to generate leads. Because in this way web developers can access to generate the link with API and plugins.

  1. Effective content management:

The benefit of the wordpress for a web designer in CMS is because it improves the loading speed of the website in the google ranking algorithms. WordPress website consistently delivers a fast loading speed that also improves user experience. It also help to:

  • Domain registration
  • Creating the blog
  • Optimized the published work 
  • Managing the content
  1. Easily customized:

As we know that the web designing companies in pakistan first choice is wordpress because it allows and gives them (web designer) the full command over each and any element of the web design. Even the code is also editable. In wordpress the web designers  change the following things according to the demand/need of the clients and choose those that suit with the business identity:

  • design 
  • layout 
  • appearance 
  • functionality 
  • size  

Even new web designers also personalized the website by using the simple functionalities. Also with that you also create a proper CMS with the modification system. 

  1. Strong security:

One of the main reasons to hire Web designing companies in Lahore is the security of their data. Means the confidential information that is provided must be secured. There are many businessmen who think of hiring freelancers because they are inexpensive as compared to the web designing company in Pakistan. But there is high risk in security when freelancers do your web design project.  

Web designing companies in Lahore used wordpress to make websites more secure. WordPress security is much better than other CMS because it regularly updates. There is another option available in wordpress like if the website contains/ handles important information. For that you add additional security plugins to make the website more safer. WordPress teams help you to restore your data without any loss. As a result, users can use the saver website easily without any worry about safety.